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Destress in aquanatal classes, just for you

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Get the strength and endurance you need for labour during our aquanatal classes.

No pressure. No competition.
Never boring.

getting you ready for the journey of birth


The water in the pool is a lifesaver for your joints and achy pregancy back. It supports you through  buoyancy and relieves the weight of pregnancy, allowing you to exercise without the added risk of injury.


Don't let the warm pool fool you - serious preparation is happening here! An aquanatal workout can help you have a shorter active labour.


These classes are women only, giving you the space to focus on yourself in the privacy of the pool.


Don't stay at home alone. Meet other pregnant mums and share experiences during your pregnancy journey. You probably aren't the only one experiencing some embarrassing symptoms 😉


We know you're busy! Classes have been designed to be after working hours so that you have a chance to wind down, relax, and focus on you and your precious cargo.


Fear not for your safety, as these aquanatal classes are run by a qualified midwife. She's specially trained to make sure you don't do anything to injure yourself or your baby. Thank goodness!


Fearful of the water? You don't have to be. There's no swimming, no competition, and you will always be able to stand easily.


The stress of the day melts away when you arrive to your aquanatal class. Imagine this. 45 minutes of laughter. Chatting. Exercising. Music. Camaraderie. Warm Waters. Pure Bliss.

meet your instructor!

Elsie Gayle

Hi! I'm Elsie

I'm a practising midwife with over 30 years of experience in the NHS. I've worked globally supporting women worldwide to birth healthy babies. My passion is supporting women to birth well, irrespective of their circumstances or type of birth. Through my travels and work, I've discovered that aquanatal is a brilliant way to empower you and prepare you for your upcoming journey to motherhood. 



what other mamas think:

I would highly recommend the Aquanatal classes. I have been attending from 19 weeks up until due date and have found that not only are the classes very relaxing but also very beneficial in terms of strengthening my muscles which I'm convinced is why I haven't had any back pain that is so common towards the end of pregnancy.

The classes are also a great way to meet other moms-to-be and socialise. The midwives are fantastic teachers and extremely welcoming and friendly.

I have really enjoyed attending these classes and have already recommended to a friend.


Elsie was so brilliant! She listens, moves to my speed, and is a treasure trove of knowledge. I never felt like I was asking a stupid question, and she cared utmost about the safety of me and my baby.

I'd recommend her to any woman who cares about the birth she wants to have!


Labour is a journey, and you will need both strength and endurance. Get the fitness you need to support you using aquanatal.

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Still planning your nursery?


Don't put the cart before the horse!

Preparing your nursery is perfect for when your little one gets here, but what about preparing for getting them here?

Aquanatal is the safe way to prepare yourself for giving birth.

Eating well isn't enough!


Healthy eating is not enough to prepare you. You need a holistic approach for growing a healthy baby.

Positive outlooks, fresh air, and exercise are all required to help you prepare.

Aquanatal is the solution.

By your side, All the way

Thank you for being with me and baby all the way.

I feel incredibly lucky and thankful to you,
and will never forget our experience.



frequently asked questions

Nope! You're always in your depth. Even if you're unconfident or nervous in the water, you would be fine. I've catered for you. 

The classes are 45 minutes in the water.

Yes you can! You can book and schedule your classes easily and quickly at the link below.

And if life happens and you need to reschedule, it's just as easy to adjust your attendance as well.

No, there isn't a payment plan BUT, there is another solution.

You can always pay for your classes through the "Single Classes" option.

So for instance, if you know you only want to pay for 3 classes at a time, simply select the "Single Classes" option, and at the checkout choose "3" of that product.

Your basket would update to show that you're purchasing 3 classes, and you would be able to schedule your spaces in 3 classes immediately.

There's no need to purchase an entire trimester if you only need a couple of sessions.

The classes take place in Synergize at Calthorpe Sports & Fitness Centre.

Final details would be given to you upon signing up for your class

That's up to you!

The 2nd Trimester Package covers the 15 weeks of the second trimester. So, it gives you 15 classes.

The 3rd Trimester Package covers the 12 weeks of that trimester, and so gives 12 classes.

If you're almost finished the second trimester, it might make more sense to simply book the 3rd Trimester Package, and top up on classes using Single Classes when you need them.

However, if you're still pretty close to the beginning, it may make more sense to purchase the 2nd Trimester Package fully and use out the 15 weeks.

The class is tailored to your needs as an individual following your personal risk assessment. So yes, you will definitely be able to do this class.

Yes! The changing rooms are completely private.

Many conditions benefit from exercise in water, however, there are times when the advice of your hospital doctor or midwife is needed. 

Before you book, discuss your situation with me at the bottom of the page by using the contact form.

Yep! You can attend right up until the time that you go into labour.

If you're accustomed to exercise, it will be possible to start your classes. However, you might be feeling icky, and many women prefer to wait until the sickness feeling has gone and they've entered the second trimester.

Oh yes!

These classes will help you to find ways to overcome the fear and to help you explore how you can do this

That's no problem, we'd all be ecstatic if you give birth!

If you give birth, one option is to use your remaining classes on our aquafitness classes for mamas who've just given birth. These classes are specifically made for women who've just given birth to help them restrengthen their body .

If you'd like a refund, simply email us and we would refund you the price of the remaining classes minus a 10% admin fee.


You are an individual and we want to support your needs well. So our classes hold a max of 10 women. Never overbooked, never too busy. Always individual care.

This isn't about money, this is about caring for you.

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